Wednesday, August 3, 2011

500 Sales Part 3

My third etsy store is called ButtonsBanglesandWeeds. It is mostly for my vintage button jewelry and bangle bracelets, but I also sell my destash supplies there as well. Beads and buttons. I am a flea market addict, in addition to my other addictions like knitting, weaving, jewelry making, crafting, so every Sunday, religiously, I find more crap I don't need. Well, when I see it I think I need it, but then I get home and realize I really didn't. So, for all you beaders, jewelry makes and vintage button addicts, check out my etsy store, and you may find something you really need. My prices are ridiculously low, but it is all because I need to sell things. Celebrate #500 with me, buy something and make it 501.

500 Sales on Etsy (Part 2)

To the left are my little storage for my craft supplies. I have been buying crafty things for years thinking, someday, the thoughts in my head will magically transfer to my fingers and I will make beautiful things. Well, I found the gap between brain and actual crafting was a long, long way. So, my second decision to destash craft supplies was made when I realized I had so much of so many supplies, paint, shells, paper and ephemera, embossing powders and liquid, wire and tools, rubber stamps of all kinds, botanical bits from Loose Ends and dried florals. Napkins used for decoupaging my tile coasters. Many, many supplies, and all being listed on etsy one at a time. This one is my sallycrafts store. I also have a few Christmas items, but not many.

500 Sales on Etsy

I am so excited, my 500th sale from my 3 Etsy stores happened

today. It was actually a rubber stamp from my Sallycrafts store

called Woman in Repose. But most of my sales are from my Etsy

store ThreadsintheBed, my yarn destash. My novelty yarns, effect

yarns, carry along yarns, etc. See the 6 original tubs to the right,

they include regular yarns, ribbon yarns, novelty yarns, ladder style yarns, and soft and squishy yarns. I have recently added 2 new bins, one for little flag and nub yarns, and the 8th for boucle yarns.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am checking out these funny little quotes in a book called Knitticisms and thought I would share them with you. These are all reasons to buy more yarn.

1.This color just might - someday - be discontinued.

2. Without all that yarn, my stock of knitting needles might get rusty.. There's nothing more embarrassing then rusty knitting needles.

3. you always need accent colors, and you always need main colors to accent.

4. Best to stock up now in case there's a shortage.

5. You don't have to cook it, dust it, scrub it or vacuum it. There's no time for housework anyway when you have knitting on your mind.

6. Yarn stashes insulate the house, you can never have enough insulation for when winter arrives.

7. It's illegal to steal it.

8. To support sheep ranchers. Farming and ranching are touch businesses and they need your help.

9. Just one more skein can't hurt. Never enough yarn. (My personal favorite).

10. You'll save gas buying bulk now, rather than driving back and forth to the shop again later because you know you'll buy it anyway.

11. It's less expensive than therapy.

12. Yarn's not fattening. Happiness is a skein of a low-fat cashmere blend.

Pictures of destash items

Team ESST - more goodies

I now have 3 etsy stores destashing my purchases of many years. My newest is crafting supplies, i.e., stamp pads, rubber stamps, embossing inks and powders, wire, postage stamps, and any other thing I might have thought I had the talent to create and found out differently.
check out if you are a crafter who likes well priced items of great variety.

You still can find my novelty yarns on and I am trying to keep at least 100 of a good variety listed, but people keep buying them and I'm definitely not complaining.

Even my beads and vintage buttons destash at is taking off now. I have to admit it is fun to sell things and send them off to a good home.

All my crafty and knitty friends, mucho bargains to be had.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Teddy Bear Festival and Craft Show

Hi everyone, just a reminder that the Teddy Bear Festival is tomorrow, June 5th, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm - rain or shine. There will be lots of crafters there, as well as other types of vendors, and even a Teddy Bear Hospital for hurt teddies. I am hoping for nice weather but the local weatherman says chance of thunderstorms in the late afternoon. I will have lots of goodies there, namely my vintage button brooches, my handmade bags including fun bags, knitted and felted bags, the happy little allegra bags and freeforms too.

Some woven scarves, knit and and woven shawls for those cool CT nights, and some summer scarves that do double duty as belts. Some bangle bracelets and button bracelets as well, and my best selling coasters and birdhouses. I also will have a basket of handmade catnip mice for your kitty cats.

So come one, come all, bring the whole family and enjoy the New Milford Green in all its spring and summer glory.