Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost Here - Team ESST Weekend Extravaganza

The tension is mounting, excitement is in the air, the approximately 25,000 supplies listed by Team ESST members are ready to be viewed by an excited public. Please check out my fellow team members who are selling such wonderful supplies, all types of things for crafters, jewelers, and others.

My personal items for sale are buttons and beads in my etsy store, my wonderful destash of novelty yarns, with many name brands such as Trendsetter, Crystal Palace, Plymouth, Berroco, Knitting Fever, and all at half the original price, at and I have just reinstated my third etsy store, for the craft supplies that I can't resist buying and then can't get around to doing anything with. Too little time, too many addictions, and that dear friends is why I am destashing from 3 different stores.

Please go to etsy this weekend and click on Team ESST and choose your favorite thing to play with and the etsy stores that sell them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ESST Weekend Extravaganza

February 26th and 27th are the EtsySupply Team's Weekend Extravaganza dates and I have been posting new items in all 3 of my etsy stores, as well as adding them to my Flickr photostream. I think. I have been adding photos all week as I have been really bad at adding photos before that.

The weekend extravaganza should be quite exciting, so far the ESST has almost 25,000 items listed on etsy from its members, so anyone looking for supplies should have a huge shopping weekend. My etsy store has vintage buttons and beads and I have very reasonable prices and pay shipping for any 3 or more items purchased.

My store does the same, buy 3 or more craft supplies and I will refund your shipping. There are a large variety of supplies in this store, and more coming.

My store is mostly yarn destash, and since I am selling them all at half of the original price, I do not usually offer any other incentives. But for the weekend extravaganza I will be offering refunded shipping for any purchase of 3 or more yarns.

Check out the ESST sellers, you will be glad you did, and I will be right there with you shopping for supplies.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Exciting Scrolling Photos

Wow, a new (to me) site called cr8tivity allows you to show all your items in all your etsy stores in a scrolling photo display. I just downloaded one for all 3 stores. The exciting part is you don't have to go to the etsy store, you can purchase items right here, right now, directly from my blog.

It was a bit of a problem to non-techie me to get them hooked up, but now they are happily scrolling, over there to the right. The yarns and handmade scarves, handbags, etc. for Threads in the Bed are first, as they are my very best sellers, followed by Sally Crafts with all my craft destash, which has been doing quite well too, and lastly by Buttons Bangles and weeds destash with vintage buttons and beads, and of course my famous vintage button brooches, just going from one item to the next. How exciting. Now I need to get more followers to check them out.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Supplies for your addiction

Hello everyone, I am now selling supplies on all 3 of my etsy stores, buttons and beads on, yarn destash, mostly novelty yarns but many others on, and most recently I have brought alive again to sell my craft supplies that I can't resist buying and think someday I will do something exciting with, and, well you all know how it is.

So please check out my 3 TeamESST stores and the many, many other Etsy Supply Team stores, I find many wonderful things to buy from my teamies. Just look for the Supplies team under Team profiles, it is broken down by the things we sell.