Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

Whoppee, another rainy day in Connecticut. I am actually OK with it because I plan to add a few new destash items to my etsy stores, and line some handbags that I have been knitting lately. It is so easy to knit them, and such a pain to have to finish them. Sad huh? My new line of Allegria Bags are almost ready to list. Allegria means happy and cheerful in Italian, and since that is my heritage, my new line of handbags will be called Allegria. Fun and colorful, check them out in a few days on my threadsinthebed etsy site.

I have listed a few beads in my buttonsbanglesandbeads etsy store, but have only just finished getting the buttons ready so they will be added there this weekend (crossed fingers) as well. Thanks for checking me out.

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