Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am checking out these funny little quotes in a book called Knitticisms and thought I would share them with you. These are all reasons to buy more yarn.

1.This color just might - someday - be discontinued.

2. Without all that yarn, my stock of knitting needles might get rusty.. There's nothing more embarrassing then rusty knitting needles.

3. you always need accent colors, and you always need main colors to accent.

4. Best to stock up now in case there's a shortage.

5. You don't have to cook it, dust it, scrub it or vacuum it. There's no time for housework anyway when you have knitting on your mind.

6. Yarn stashes insulate the house, you can never have enough insulation for when winter arrives.

7. It's illegal to steal it.

8. To support sheep ranchers. Farming and ranching are touch businesses and they need your help.

9. Just one more skein can't hurt. Never enough yarn. (My personal favorite).

10. You'll save gas buying bulk now, rather than driving back and forth to the shop again later because you know you'll buy it anyway.

11. It's less expensive than therapy.

12. Yarn's not fattening. Happiness is a skein of a low-fat cashmere blend.

Pictures of destash items

Team ESST - more goodies

I now have 3 etsy stores destashing my purchases of many years. My newest is crafting supplies, i.e., stamp pads, rubber stamps, embossing inks and powders, wire, postage stamps, and any other thing I might have thought I had the talent to create and found out differently.
check out if you are a crafter who likes well priced items of great variety.

You still can find my novelty yarns on and I am trying to keep at least 100 of a good variety listed, but people keep buying them and I'm definitely not complaining.

Even my beads and vintage buttons destash at is taking off now. I have to admit it is fun to sell things and send them off to a good home.

All my crafty and knitty friends, mucho bargains to be had.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Teddy Bear Festival and Craft Show

Hi everyone, just a reminder that the Teddy Bear Festival is tomorrow, June 5th, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm - rain or shine. There will be lots of crafters there, as well as other types of vendors, and even a Teddy Bear Hospital for hurt teddies. I am hoping for nice weather but the local weatherman says chance of thunderstorms in the late afternoon. I will have lots of goodies there, namely my vintage button brooches, my handmade bags including fun bags, knitted and felted bags, the happy little allegra bags and freeforms too.

Some woven scarves, knit and and woven shawls for those cool CT nights, and some summer scarves that do double duty as belts. Some bangle bracelets and button bracelets as well, and my best selling coasters and birdhouses. I also will have a basket of handmade catnip mice for your kitty cats.

So come one, come all, bring the whole family and enjoy the New Milford Green in all its spring and summer glory.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Team ESST supply sellers

I just visited 2 more etsy stores, the first is - she makes her beads from clay, porcelain, stoneware and other materials and the colors are delicious and she handpaints some as well, unique, one of a kind beads, pendants and other items for crafters and jewelry makers who do not want to look like they are competing with Walmart.

The second one is along the same lines, only takes dishes, etc. and makes handcut mosaic tiles, in every color imaginable, designs, plaids and some are in shapes as for flowers, fruits, and many are glass as well. You could certainly make a unique ooak item with these tiles.

Team ESST - more goodies

Check out for excellent tools for jewelry makers and crafters. I found some pretty little copper thingies and some bead reamers. The etsy supply team has many excellent stores, anything you need to craft your little heart out.

I also found that has some beautiful chains, as well as findings, bead caps and some adorable frosted flowers that I have been thinking of a way to use. I am more of a fiber person, but they are great. I am checking out the chains as that is my favorite way to make a handle for my knit, felted and freeform bags.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ESST Etsy Supply Street Team

Today I would like you all to know the myriad of different supplies offered by the teamies on the many etsy stores in this group. I personally sell vintage buttons, beads and novelty yarn destash, but there is so much more. Jewelry makings, I make my vintage button brooches using donut beads from and the filigrees from Whatever you do as a hobby, checking out the team will lead you from one wonderful shop to another.

I checked out today and ended up purchasing some velvet cloth, metallic embroidery thread and some other items. Just a chance visit finds all sorts of items.

Another etsy store has the most beautiful little crochet flowers, in gorgeous colors and my favorite is the frosty poppy. I am trying to think of which colors would be best with my handknit and felted bags. Ummmm.

So please go to now for surprises by the hundreds.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm not really a goal person, hate being pressured to perform, rather let things happen as they will. So setting myself a goal to list 100 items on my etsy store threads in the bed is something I don't usually worry about. But some of my teamies say that the optimum number of items listed is 100 and that is when you get the sales and looks, so I just realized I am at 96 items, so I am going to hurry up and list 4 more just so I can say I did.

Novelty yarns make up most of the items in this store as I have to destash, I just have too many, so I am trying to list a few a day, but danged if someone doesn't up and buy a few every day or so, not that I'm complaining mind you. I love when someone finds some of their favorite yarns and are excited about it and come back to shop again.

The other day I googled a yarn I have been looking for made by Trendsetter, one of my favorite yarn manufacturers, and my store came up about 5 down on the google page as someone who sells Trendsetter yarns. It was quite a funny feeling, of course it listed my buttons bangles and weeds store, which hasn't had yarn in a few years, as I moved my destash to my threads in the bed store, it just seemed more logical to put fibers with fibers.

I have been bad about listing beads and buttons in that etsy store, as I decided to sort them and take pictures just before I list them, but the weather doesn't always cooperate for taking pix when you need them. So my new goal, oh no not another one, will be to list my vintage buttons and beads more regularly. Like a lotto ticket, you can't win if you don't have one, I need to get my buttons and beads listed in order to sell them, duh.

So many goals for this old broad, tweet on twitter, post on your blog, get promoting on facebook, list new items, and still make time to clean the house, work in the garden, etc. - oh the heck with that, the house just gets dirty again, and the weeds just keep popping up. Why bother.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Facebook Page almost there

Hi Everyone, I have been trying to wrestle facebook to do what I need, and I think finally I may have succeeded. It keeps me on my toes for sure. I do love to hear from old friends and still try to make it the best place to show all my new creations and destash items. I just listed a few photos and hope they got in the right album. ]

I had a lot of fun looking at old family pictures too, especially me, what was I thinking.

Well, time to get back to etsy and list some yarns, buttons and beads. Check out all 3 of my stores by clicking on the pictures scrolling so nicely across this page.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost Here - Team ESST Weekend Extravaganza

The tension is mounting, excitement is in the air, the approximately 25,000 supplies listed by Team ESST members are ready to be viewed by an excited public. Please check out my fellow team members who are selling such wonderful supplies, all types of things for crafters, jewelers, and others.

My personal items for sale are buttons and beads in my etsy store, my wonderful destash of novelty yarns, with many name brands such as Trendsetter, Crystal Palace, Plymouth, Berroco, Knitting Fever, and all at half the original price, at and I have just reinstated my third etsy store, for the craft supplies that I can't resist buying and then can't get around to doing anything with. Too little time, too many addictions, and that dear friends is why I am destashing from 3 different stores.

Please go to etsy this weekend and click on Team ESST and choose your favorite thing to play with and the etsy stores that sell them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ESST Weekend Extravaganza

February 26th and 27th are the EtsySupply Team's Weekend Extravaganza dates and I have been posting new items in all 3 of my etsy stores, as well as adding them to my Flickr photostream. I think. I have been adding photos all week as I have been really bad at adding photos before that.

The weekend extravaganza should be quite exciting, so far the ESST has almost 25,000 items listed on etsy from its members, so anyone looking for supplies should have a huge shopping weekend. My etsy store has vintage buttons and beads and I have very reasonable prices and pay shipping for any 3 or more items purchased.

My store does the same, buy 3 or more craft supplies and I will refund your shipping. There are a large variety of supplies in this store, and more coming.

My store is mostly yarn destash, and since I am selling them all at half of the original price, I do not usually offer any other incentives. But for the weekend extravaganza I will be offering refunded shipping for any purchase of 3 or more yarns.

Check out the ESST sellers, you will be glad you did, and I will be right there with you shopping for supplies.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Exciting Scrolling Photos

Wow, a new (to me) site called cr8tivity allows you to show all your items in all your etsy stores in a scrolling photo display. I just downloaded one for all 3 stores. The exciting part is you don't have to go to the etsy store, you can purchase items right here, right now, directly from my blog.

It was a bit of a problem to non-techie me to get them hooked up, but now they are happily scrolling, over there to the right. The yarns and handmade scarves, handbags, etc. for Threads in the Bed are first, as they are my very best sellers, followed by Sally Crafts with all my craft destash, which has been doing quite well too, and lastly by Buttons Bangles and weeds destash with vintage buttons and beads, and of course my famous vintage button brooches, just going from one item to the next. How exciting. Now I need to get more followers to check them out.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Supplies for your addiction

Hello everyone, I am now selling supplies on all 3 of my etsy stores, buttons and beads on, yarn destash, mostly novelty yarns but many others on, and most recently I have brought alive again to sell my craft supplies that I can't resist buying and think someday I will do something exciting with, and, well you all know how it is.

So please check out my 3 TeamESST stores and the many, many other Etsy Supply Team stores, I find many wonderful things to buy from my teamies. Just look for the Supplies team under Team profiles, it is broken down by the things we sell.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glutton for Punishment

Hi all, I just added, or rather resurrected, my 3rd etsy store, sallycrafts, as I have lots of crafty destash to sell, I buy things with the thought in mind that someday I will do something with that, but my real self never gets around to it.

The things I am selling in my store are do jiggies, adhesive back floral and scrapbook types of things, confetti in all shapes, rubber stamps, a few valentine goodies, heart shaped of course. I will have to get an etsy mini for that store too. I do have 8 items listed so far.

I have been busy trying to keep up with all 3 stores, have 65 items in my fiber store, mostly novelty yarns and some handmades, and am trying to get more than 100 items there. has the beads and buttons I am destashing as well, there are 43 listings there, and I have been selling mostly vintage buttons, but some of my best selling vintage button brooches are there as well.