Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Team ESST - more goodies

I now have 3 etsy stores destashing my purchases of many years. My newest is crafting supplies, i.e., stamp pads, rubber stamps, embossing inks and powders, wire, postage stamps, and any other thing I might have thought I had the talent to create and found out differently.
check out if you are a crafter who likes well priced items of great variety.

You still can find my novelty yarns on and I am trying to keep at least 100 of a good variety listed, but people keep buying them and I'm definitely not complaining.

Even my beads and vintage buttons destash at is taking off now. I have to admit it is fun to sell things and send them off to a good home.

All my crafty and knitty friends, mucho bargains to be had.

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