Saturday, February 6, 2010

Exciting Scrolling Photos

Wow, a new (to me) site called cr8tivity allows you to show all your items in all your etsy stores in a scrolling photo display. I just downloaded one for all 3 stores. The exciting part is you don't have to go to the etsy store, you can purchase items right here, right now, directly from my blog.

It was a bit of a problem to non-techie me to get them hooked up, but now they are happily scrolling, over there to the right. The yarns and handmade scarves, handbags, etc. for Threads in the Bed are first, as they are my very best sellers, followed by Sally Crafts with all my craft destash, which has been doing quite well too, and lastly by Buttons Bangles and weeds destash with vintage buttons and beads, and of course my famous vintage button brooches, just going from one item to the next. How exciting. Now I need to get more followers to check them out.

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