Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ESST Weekend Extravaganza

February 26th and 27th are the EtsySupply Team's Weekend Extravaganza dates and I have been posting new items in all 3 of my etsy stores, as well as adding them to my Flickr photostream. I think. I have been adding photos all week as I have been really bad at adding photos before that.

The weekend extravaganza should be quite exciting, so far the ESST has almost 25,000 items listed on etsy from its members, so anyone looking for supplies should have a huge shopping weekend. My etsy store has vintage buttons and beads and I have very reasonable prices and pay shipping for any 3 or more items purchased.

My store does the same, buy 3 or more craft supplies and I will refund your shipping. There are a large variety of supplies in this store, and more coming.

My store is mostly yarn destash, and since I am selling them all at half of the original price, I do not usually offer any other incentives. But for the weekend extravaganza I will be offering refunded shipping for any purchase of 3 or more yarns.

Check out the ESST sellers, you will be glad you did, and I will be right there with you shopping for supplies.

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