Wednesday, August 3, 2011

500 Sales on Etsy (Part 2)

To the left are my little storage for my craft supplies. I have been buying crafty things for years thinking, someday, the thoughts in my head will magically transfer to my fingers and I will make beautiful things. Well, I found the gap between brain and actual crafting was a long, long way. So, my second decision to destash craft supplies was made when I realized I had so much of so many supplies, paint, shells, paper and ephemera, embossing powders and liquid, wire and tools, rubber stamps of all kinds, botanical bits from Loose Ends and dried florals. Napkins used for decoupaging my tile coasters. Many, many supplies, and all being listed on etsy one at a time. This one is my sallycrafts store. I also have a few Christmas items, but not many.

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