Wednesday, August 3, 2011

500 Sales Part 3

My third etsy store is called ButtonsBanglesandWeeds. It is mostly for my vintage button jewelry and bangle bracelets, but I also sell my destash supplies there as well. Beads and buttons. I am a flea market addict, in addition to my other addictions like knitting, weaving, jewelry making, crafting, so every Sunday, religiously, I find more crap I don't need. Well, when I see it I think I need it, but then I get home and realize I really didn't. So, for all you beaders, jewelry makes and vintage button addicts, check out my etsy store, and you may find something you really need. My prices are ridiculously low, but it is all because I need to sell things. Celebrate #500 with me, buy something and make it 501.

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